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7 Questions All First-Time Investors Have, Answered

Why Should I Start Investing?

Investing is a critical key to financial success and is necessary to a happy retirement. Every person should begin investing, as it is a solid way to build wealth for a comfortable retirement. Beginning to invest is a fun way to build a side hobby that will also generate wealth. It is necessary to invest in the market to be financially free and will help you to become stable.

Should I Pay Off Debt Before Investing?

While it is important to pay off your debts, developing a stable financial floor is more important. By making good investments you can set yourself up to be able to pay off your debts easier. If you can make your monthly payments in addition to investing, it is okay to invest. Investing is not a task that is only available to those who are debt-free, but also something available to everyone that has extra cash to spend every month. Investing in yourself is always a good decision and will help you to succeed.

Where Can I Start?

There is a multitude of places that you can begin investing in. There are several brokerage firms that are running online and will allow you to begin investing from your couch, such brokerages are Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Webull, and several others. Investing through online firms can be extremely easy. When it comes to choosing what stocks to invest in, it becomes a little bit trickier. Investing in stocks can be hard for a newcomer, and it can be best to stick to the low-risk low reward stocks to start. Investing in broad index funds like SPY can yield great returns with small amounts of risk. Starting with these types of funds can allow a new investor to get a feel for the market without risking too many funds.

How Long Will It Take to Learn?

Learning the stock market can take a person a very long time to learn, as the market is always changing and will always provide new challenges. Investing will come with its challenges, and over the years it will get easier.

How Do I Know When to Invest?

There is no way to know exactly what moment to invest, which is why you must look at general trends. When general trends show that a stock is moving up it can be a sign to invest. Investing in this way will provide a lower risk, as it has been seen time and time again to repeat these trends. Many stocks will follow this general trend of moving up and falling back down, but not all will, which is why in addition to following trends you must do research.

What are Earnings Calls?

Earnings calls are used by companies to publicly announce how business is going, and for a company to increase confidence in their stock. This does not always have the intended effect and can lead to a stock performing worse. It is important to follow these calls and to watch the effect that they have on stocks to capitalize on them.

Should I Trade Options

Options trade can be extremely lucrative but is also extremely risky. While there are several companies that stand by trading options, it can hurt a beginning investor. Investors who are not confident in their ability to trade stocks should not take a large risk in trading options. Investors who trade options must be prepared to take on a large risk and is something that most beginner investors are not prepared to do.


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