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12.10.2021 в 11:15 – Why Choose Us for Your Investment – an investment firm that looks for websites that bring advertising revenue, we analyze their financial and technical side (we look for the websites that have been active for a year, with positive dynamics of the advertising revenue, and transparent income date), the web sites that get through our selection criteria are purchased by us so that the yield is equal to 50%. From these revenues, we are ready to pay one-half to our clients. Moreover, advertising revenues are generated every month which is why we also pay our clients’ monthly dividends.

At the moment we have acquired several asset sites with traffic monetization. Each of the websites focuses on a particular topic such as:

  • Rest, Food and Health;
  • House Cleaning and Laundry;
  • Banks, Deposits, Loans, and Finance;
  • Medicine, ENT, Disease, and Treatment;
  • Garbage Removal and Disposal.

Our investment company offers a vehicle for multiple investors to invest. We pull the investors’ funds and collectively invest them on particular revenue-earning websites that pass through our criteria of selection. This pooling of funds provides the investors with a professional investment management team, as well as access to investments that may otherwise not be accessible to a smaller distinct investor. We provide a return through dividends, interest, or capital appreciation. The profit is then allotted to the investors based on their investment in the company.

How does the investment work?

First of all, we conclude an investment loan agreement with the investor. Our experienced and highly qualified team constantly monitors the promising lots on the assets exchange and when our team finds a website that earns the advertising revenues and has positive chances of earning more revenues in the future we purchase that website. Our specialists work constantly to increase the traffic of purchased websites, by optimizing them for search engines, which directly affects the return on investment. We increase profitability by choosing the optimal advertising tools, we conduct tests of various monetization methods, tests of ad units and CPA offers, we work with direct advertisers. We accept payments from advertising networks (Google AdSense, Yandex YAN, etc.), and share income with investors.

Types of investment:

Investors can invest with in two ways:

  • By investing in classical currency directly in your personal cabinet on our website. Just register on our site, we will verify you in 24 hours and you can start investing. If you choose to invest with regular currency, we pay you yearly dividends – 25% of your investment amount from our asset website monetization.
  • By buying our BIT token on stock exchange p2p2b2b. If you choose to buy our BIT token, then you can earn from the daily automated buybacks at the exchange, exactly for the amount the projects earn on advertising.

All of the investments you make are supported by our assets, i.е. the websites that bring advertising revenue.

Our business model

We purchase websites and applications that pay off in 2 years. It leads the revenue-generating capacity to about 50% per annum. Half of which goes to our client and we keep the other half to ourselves in order to maintain and improve our websites as well as to purchase new ones. We optimize and modernize the newly bought websites and applications regularly to attract more traffic that ultimately increases the advertising revenue to 70% per annum or higher.

Payments to clients take place every month for the previous month because the market giants like Google and Yandex make the transfer on monthly basis.

In the future, our company has a plan to invest in the business of gaming and game development which will bring even more revenues to us.

Benefits of the company’s business model:

  • Investors are earning profits of 25% on their investments each year and they have the chance to earn even more.
  • Through our highly organized and automated buyback system, the value of their coins will keep increasing with time.
  • Our business model is easy to understand and transparent so the investor can check all the details of the company’s revenue at all times and stay confident.
  • Our model makes everyone earn an equal share of the money.
  • Until this time there is no other company that offers to invest in sites with traffic monetization. No other investment company has this exact model of business which makes us even more successful because we have the monopoly in our targeted market.
  • We operate in a global market that grows by 10-15% in a year, and today the aggregate volume of IT services according to different estimates constitutes 0.5 trillion-1.5 trillion c.u. Our market is a high margin market, therefore, we make payments to our clients in the amount of 20-25%.
  • Under the supervision of our highly qualified team investment of all the investors is safe.

What is a buyback system?

If the company has extra revenues, then in order to utilize those revenues companies sometimes try to return them to the shareholders. This can take the form of dividends or buybacks.

In a buyback, a company purchases its own shares from shareholders and takes them off the market, leaving fewer shares out in the market. This changes the value of the remaining shares according to the laws of supply and demand. It boosts the value of earnings per share because when the company reduces the supply it increases the price.

Benefits for the token holder:

  • Our company uses the funds generated from cryptocurrency investors to buy internet resources. Revenue from the assets is used for the buyback of the token at the exchanges.
  • Permanent burning out of the coins from the market increases the value of the coins due to which investor earns higher than he invested.


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