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A Retrospective on 2021 and Trends for 2022 in Marketing

Hi. This is Liga, the head of Marketing at Starting the new year, I would like to reflect on some things in the Marketing market that were a trend in 2021 and what’s next for the year 2022.

Marketing an investment organization for your prospects to invest in opportunities, requires that you should be able to build and sustain relationships for the long haul. This enables you to set down a foundation of trust and credibility to convert prospective investors into clients who are satisfied with the outcome of their investment.

Investment organizations amongst other business entities around the world experienced the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on a varied basis. The pandemic was the global story throughout 2020, part of which was how fast can organizations around the world thrive in a post-Covid-19 world.

Deloitte Insights, which is a report from the Deloitte Center for financial services pointed out in their 2021 investment management outlook that Investment management firms’ revenue remained intact, but the operations, people, and technology were largely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moments of uncertainties have always birthed innovations and shifted the priorities of people in historic times across the globe, as the World collectively and continually looks for answers. The use of the telephone was popularized after the 1918 pandemic and television home usage was more popular during the cold world era.

Marketing in a real sense is all about interaction, socializing, and proffering solutions to client problems, and Investment Organization marketers are not exempted from this reality. With the unrelenting presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing has quickly become the norm as the World is looking for safer ways people can socialize and interact. Work is also affected and redesigned for people to safely and productively do their jobs. Everyone including businesses and governments around the world needed new ways to navigate this new world as everything is changing from grocery shopping to education and medical treatment amongst other necessary activities that keep the World moving.

How Organizations did break through these turbulent times and with what? Let’s have a look:

  1. Purpose: Built to Flourish

A purpose-driven Investment Organization will have the ability to scale through the Covid-19 pandemic because they understand why they exist and who they are best built to serve today regardless of the type of investment they provide. On purpose as a 2021 marketing trend, some Organizations were just worried about how best they can connect with their communities while storefronts are shuttered. When the purpose of an Investment Organization is embedded across the entire enterprise, marketing executives will be able to prove it to the customers amongst other stakeholders across the value chain by navigating through unprecedented change.

  1. Changing the Playbook through Agility

The world has gone digital fully and digital channels have been adopted as the only solution to connect and socialize for this fast-changing world. Consumer behaviors have followed suit by changing from the usual brick-and-mortar store to digital channels. Investment Organizations who were smart enough to proffer their solutions via digital channels now have an upper hand in maintaining relationships with old customers and winning over new ones. Our data shows that approx. 66% of our clients have increased their appreciation for well-designed and effective digital technologies, while 63% of the respondents will continue to use digital channels to connect to their digitally active brands as the pandemic subsides.

  1. Human Experience

The need for Investment Organizations to be more efficient in their dealings cannot be overemphasized. But with the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping through the globe and putting nations on lockdown, people needed more of a human connection with their brand. So, to say that an Investment Organization that wants its clients to experience that human connection will have nothing to do with a “robocall investment adviser” rather than a real human responding to client questions on the best investment choice to make.

  1. Trust

Investment Organizations that thrived in 2021 knew the meaning of trust and how it affects their client’s emotions and perception of them. The meaning of trust varies according to different publics, but the upkeep of trust in a Company has to do with delivery meeting expectations.

The reputation of a brand is influenced by what is promised through messages and advertisements and what is delivered which is the client experience. The year 2021 was a period that focuses more on brand and trust.

  1. Customer Participation

Customer participation has grown to be a two-way street with some customers participating fairly through online reviews and social media mentions of brands as well as participating highly through blogging, creation of videos that well promotes the brand.

Marketers benefit by differentiating themselves from the competition by implementing an engagement strategy that taps into the deepest levels of participation which further leads to the maximization of mutual benefits for customers and brands. Customers now participate as influencers, brand ambassadors, collaborators, and innovators.

  1. Fusion across Industry Lines

Businesses have discovered the necessity of putting forward customers’ needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fusion as a marketing trend in 2021 is all about the Organization going further to beyond its boundaries to innovatively create solutions through new partnerships and new digital platforms that capture their client’s minds. Furthermore, we are correct to say that Companies have to look outside their investment offerings and seek out partnerships that better serve their clientele base through fusion.

2022 Upcoming Marketing Trends for Investment Organizations

Most businesses live in a customer-centric world and marketers constantly evolve with the world around them. Marketing in the past was all about getting your name out there. Whereas in 2022, marketing will be about building or rebuilding an effective Investment company brand through a compelling story and the measurement of the success of such a story.

Business owners should be ready to take risks by investing in their branding and listening more intently while engaging with their customers online to avoid being beaten hands down by competitors.

What vital marketing trends a Company can implement and have a successful year ahead?

Let’s have a look at a few:

  1. Purpose as a beacon for growth

Investment Organization brands can now gain a competitive advantage through the sincere display of authentic purpose. As the purpose is a more tailored and personal endeavor, Investment Organization brands need to know who they are serving and what they care about so as to properly position their purpose to align with their target client. Remember we pointed out that businesses need to listen more intently to what customers are saying while engaging with them. 

  1. Authentic inclusive marketing for diverse customers

With over 10,000 advertisements that bombard prospective customers on a daily basis, prospective investors are more interested in Organizations that sincerely focus more on the inclusion of all and sundry no matter their ethnicity, beliefs, race, or background. Marketing messages of Investment Organizations should reflect a range of experiences and backgrounds within the message if they intend to win over future customers.

  1. Constructing the intelligent creative engine

Data is more important to customer acquisition strategy as marketers with more analytical skills alongside their creative parts are more needed to connect the Investment Organization brand messages to customers seamlessly through unconventional talent strategies. Collaboration of the different skill sets such as data analytics, programming, creativity, and strategists required for an effective marketer should be a viable option for a progressive Organization.

  1. Established relationships through human first data experience

Marketing executives will have to design a human first data experience that fosters trust. The abundance of customer data can tempt marketers into utilizing such information at their disposal to provide a better experience for the client. But in order for investors to be comfortable with their brand, the Organization will have to establish relationships with the prospective investors through humanity, transparency, capability, and reliability.

Businesses will have more to do with content marketing which has to do with creating helpful content that educates prospective investors on the need for investing and the available offers in a given Investment Company.  Video marketing will play a crucial role in the promotion of any progressive Investment Organization to make it more credible. We should always remember that marketers are more than just salesmen and women, rather they are educators and leaders who inspire prospective investors to patronize their brand.


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